18th November 2018
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5 Benefits of working online

For Freelancers

1. Save Money: 
With the cost of petrol seemingly ever increasing, working online as a freelancer is a great option for reducing your expenses. Additional areas where you may see decreases in your expenses include wardrobe costs, since you won’t be needing to wear the latest business suit and food, since you can always make your lunch at home instead of eating out.

2.  Work for companies based in other countries: Working for foreign companies can bring a wide range of benefits! You may find be able to find a company that better suits your work hours, pays more due to currency exchange rates or even provides you with flights to the office for special events. If you are bilingual, your ability to translate multiple languages will almost always be seen as an asset to the company.

3. Flexibility: As a Freelancer, you negotiate your working hours with your employer prior to the contract starting. Some employers may just have a weekly target or goal you need to hit, allowing you to choose the working hours.  Additionally, most roles will allow you to work from anywhere, providing you with the ability to travel  the world or visit friends and family more.

4. Increased focus: When you work from home, setting up a quiet office area (highly recommended), can help you avoid the disruptive background noise of an office environment.  You also avoid office politics and social issues that can plague the traditional workspace.

5. Verified work history: Because your full history of past contracts is recorded, this effectively automatically creates and stores your resume for you. If you find yourself looking for work in the future, employers are more likely to trust the accuracy of the work history as they are able to see the duration of the contracts and the feedback you received on KeyboardWork.


 For Employers

1. Hiring online freelancers can reduce cost: Hiring a freelancer means you do not need to pay for office equipment, electricity or traditional employee benefits (Paid leave, paid breaks or overtime for example).  Currency strengths and cost of living differences between countries can also mean that freelancers can undercut offers.

2. Access to more skillsets: Sometimes finding skilled expertise in your local area may prove difficult. By finding workers online, you expand your search radius to the world, increasing the pool from which you are potentially hiring. It simply makes sense to hire online freelancers that are experts in their field, rather than settling for a local worker that will struggle in the position.

3,  Improved customer service: With the ability to hire workers in any part of the world, you have the ability to provide 24/7 support to your customers when needed without requiring your team members to work at unnatural hours or paying overtime.

4. Increased Flexibility: By hiring locally, you may be paying for more than what you really need due to the local employment laws. By hiring an online freelancer, you agree on the terms and conditions of employment before the project or contract starts. This can provide a wide range of benefits including being able to hire part-time, seasonal or split-shift workers where you would normally be unable to.

5. Reduced training cost: Because you have the ability to hire people for online work which already have the skills and knowledge of their field, you will likely have reduced training costs and only need to provide training for proprietary or company specific systems, policies and processes.

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    Many people have always believed that the online platform is majorly meant for socializing and entertainment. However, it has formed a perfect working platform for the formally employed as well as the self-employed. There’s an increase in the number of individuals making their ends meet working online. This is attributed to the various benefits online working serves those who indulge into it, and below is a countdown of the benefits enjoyed by individuals working online.

    Vast Opportunities
    One characteristic feature of online working is that in which an individual becomes his or her own boss, and this is a gateway to chance and freedom to explore various opportunities. In the process of working online, one encounters challenges and obstacles that link with multiple opportunities, and because the individual isn’t tied to strict measures, it becomes easy to seize such opportunities hassle-free. In many ways, working online predisposes an individual to learning opportunities in which an individual is privileged to learn various skills. Consider a full-time freelance writer who learns programming languages. This enables individuals to further their education by taking up online classes. The net effect of this is total knowledge gain. Again, working online expands one’s sources of income, and about the freelance writer who learns programming languages, he or she stands chances of making money out of writing as well as programming-related activities such as developing websites and applications. Blogging is yet another venture in which he or she can exploit to make even more money. To wind it up, it’s arguable that working online enables multitasking, and an excellent example best fit for this point is a scenario where an individual undertakes various unrelated tasks and even learn at the same time. Such phenomena could be problematic among full-time workers operating under tight schedules.

    Flexibility and Time Management
    Working online is a convenience to employees as well as business organizations. When employees work from their homes, for instance, they avoid the inconveniences brought by traffic jams to and from workstations and offices. There’s nothing as annoying as spending an hour or two in a traffic jam, and this is not a rare case in major cities and other crowded towns. Naturally, traffic jams waste time that can be used to complete some significant work. Typically, working online enables individuals to make good use of day and night hours. Ideally, one can complete his or her assigned tasks at any moment within the stipulated timeframe, whether day or night, and this is an evidence of flexibility which is a benefit of freelancing. Flexibility is a fundamental factor for individuals working online, and this is because it helps in disrupting the monotony brought by repeating the same job for long. A combination of time management and flexibility enable freelancers to explore other activities, incorporate them in their schedule, and undertake all of them successfully without interfering with their regular work routine. This stimulates excitement during work, enhancing performance as well as the generation of more income.

    Wide Clientele Catchment and Opportunities
    Working online is an avenue of reaching many clients. Typically, freelancers meet and interact with different individuals on a daily basis, and this is the most common way through which they meet potential clients through the various social media platforms. Ideally, garnering many clients, or rather, a pool of clients increases one’s income. This point stretches to profitability in which clients will be involved in a price war. The freelancer will end up working for the highest bidder. A wide clientele base is a recipe for an increase in earnings, business growth as well as an offer for competitive prices. In addition to this, individuals working online have higher chances of accessing more and various opportunities. Occasionally, freelancers will meet their colleagues and even maestros in their fields of affiliations. As such, such individuals end up sharing surplus work at their disposal.

    Economic Viability
    Working online is quite simple and cheap. This is because a freelancer doesn’t have to go through the hustle and bustle of renting an office and acquiring expensive office equipment. They can comfortably work from home, and by using basic home equipment. In fact, most freelancers like working from their beds. This phenomenon cuts their operational costs. Additionally, working online, mainly from home, doesn’t require formal dressing regardless of the work done. For instance, a marketer must groom himself or herself formally while going out to market goods physically in the market. The case changes the moment he or she starts marketing activities online. In fact, he or she can work throughout the day in pajamas. This is another way of cutting expenses. This means that individuals working online, particularly freelancers operating at the comfort of their beds, have less monthly costs as compared to their counterparts operating in workstations far from home.

    Quality Life and Family Time
    This point is an attribute of effective time management, and illustrating it is the fact that working online leaves the freelancer with plenty time that’s channeled into other essential activities. For instance, a freelancer stands a chance of improving his or her quality of life by reading the various books, making friends, working out at the gym as well as having enough rest. Usually, working in offices as well as other places incapacitate individuals and deny them enough time for these activities. Consider a company manager who’s occupied all week long with meetings and other managerial activities. Eventually, you’ll notice that such as individual is too tired to read a book, and all they can do is sleep, sleep and sleep. Again, working in crowded offices is a source of stress, and even potentiates depression. This is because at times there is too much pressure at the workplace for employees to bear. This is s trigger to confusion and a source of differences among workers, and this damages their social life as well as health. However, working online reverses this by bringing peace of mind to freelancers. Naturally, a freelancer will organize his or her work and still find time for family, friends and other recreational activities that improve the quality of life. You’ll learn that executive officers of large companies don’t spend enough time with their families. A converse of this is true among freelancers working from home.

    In conclusion, working online breaks the barriers and obstacles hindering individuals from fully exploiting opportunities at work, provide opportunities and solve puzzles and challenges faced at work. Much of the advantages swing and fall on the side of the freelancer, and so, if working in an office, or rather, whichever workstation is quite stressful and unbearable, consider the online platform.