18th November 2018
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My life changed within 3 months – Part 1.

Growing up I always dreamed of working online from home, it was one of the reasons I pursued a career in the tech and telecommunications industries.

I figured if any industries were going to embrace the work from home concept it would be these ones. Over the years I had heard of a knew a few app developers that worked remotely, but they were the exception and not the rule.

Unfortunately due to a stigma, fear or belief my employers held, the dream job always remained just that, a dream.  As the years went by I became complacent.. I joined the lunch queues, waited out the daily grind of traffic, settled for a jobs providing zero work/life balance.

Things were this way year after year, I was doing well for myself and by this I mean I was surviving semi-comfortably, which sadly is the best most of us can hope for these days, but I digress..

Anyway,  one day I met someone special, the only problem was that someone happened to live on the other side of the world. I saved my money, slaved away and eventually managed to build just enough funds to travel for a 3 month stay with my special someone.

I had a great time but as my return date approached I started thinking of ways to avoid going back to the daily grind, back to reality.  Unfortunately, I did not speak the local language which meant my thoughts soon focused in on working online.

I thought it would be impossible! Finding work online had never yielded any results in the past. Albeit, I had never really had a good place to  start searching for jobs online.

I decided to make English customer service and technical writing my niche. I chose these despite my background being in IT in telecommunications because in the global marketplace of freelance work, many freelancers already seemed to be covering web design, network / computer repair and the areas I traditionally thought would provide me advantages.

One day I happened on a post from a Google developer looking for a personal assistant to write advertisements and do content writing on his website.  With my background, I was sure I could put my technical knowledge to use, so I fired off a job application.

Within a few hours, I had received a response and a chance to interview. The job did not pay much but it was a foothold in the online world of work. Within no time my talent for interpreting and writing technical pieces was realized.  I received my first pay rise within a couple of months of starting.

Because my  successful work history and record was now online, I started receiving job offers daily. I couldn’t believe it! It wasn’t long and I was actually making my status unavailable for work so the offers would stop.  Afterall, I was enjoying my job, my hard work had already been recognized and I was earning enough to stay.

As I approached the 3 month mark in my job, I decided to seek another online part time position. Unlike in the past, where companies had dictated terms to me, I decided I would have a few conditions of my own. I found a great employer who felt my conditions were fair and we started a contract together..

At 3 months since starting my move to working online, I was now in a better position than I had ever been before in my life. I effectively chose when I would work, I work on projects I truly love and most of all my employers not only enjoy working with me, they reward me well for it.

In the months that followed the initial 3 months entering online work, everything continued to change in every way. Promotions, raises, a work/life balance that is on my terms (although I often choose to work a bit more than I should still – it is a choice). 

Friends and family often ask how to work online or they show interest in what I am doing. Unfortunately for them, only a few of them have taken me up on my offer to help them get started and change their life too. They often lacked the motivation to simply put the resume  and application together, even though they ended up doing it offline anyway.

For those that did take me up on the offer, we are loving every minute of our lives and will never look back! Just do it, I promise you won’t regret it.

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