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substance painter tris Maya Zbrush Marvelous Designer Photoshop Substance Painter. Here I have used Substance Painter for advanced texturing to replicate the exact look and feel with the original. 2k PBR textures 4. Original concept design by Tipa_ Graphic https www. Tris 1946. Modeling in 3DS Max normal map baked from high poly model made in ZBrush and after baked in 3DS Max texture maps made using Substance Painter and Designer with final touches in Adobe Photoshop. High 450460 tris. The issue I have is that all the height detail is stored in the height map but the engine i 39 m learning on arma only allows normal maps. Tripod ammo box and water condensing can are 24k tris and use one 4k texture sheet. Tris 20339 Sci Fi Pack 1 Crate amp 2 Capsules. 15k tris 1 2048x2048 texture Post Apocalyptic Soldier. 2 I add a base of lighter half tones to place roughly the lit zones of the face. All textures are handpainted. SUBSTANCE SHARE ESSENTIALS Click on the banner to find a selection of essential guides and access to get you started. 83 Cycles . Unreal Engine Asset amp Materials. 01 scale . Low res mesh is triangulated from export. I wanted to master the high to low workflow through 3DS Max and Substance Painter as well as improving my texturing skills. In engine is my main question but also if anyone knows in substance painter as well First Pic has 16 more faces than second but has 8 triangles. This low poly model is based on amazing artwork from Bogdan Tauciuc and my main goal here was to work with hand painted textures using just the Albedo in the final model. Each asset was then implemented into Unreal Engine. 8 ZBrush 2020 Substance Painter 2020. Textured in Substance Painter. Modelled in 3ds Max Textured in Substance Painter and Renders done in Marmoset Toolbag. Modeled in ZBrush. Solo project Time 2 months Art style Realism. Modeled in Maya baked and textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Unreal Engine 4. Modelled in 3DSMAX and textured in Substance painter. . I 39 m using an fbx of my character that has about 30k of triangles 4 different Material sets so I really can 39 t understand. Marketplace https artstn. In this workshop Lead Technical Artist at Naughty Dog Christophe Desse takes you through the paces of learning Substance Painter by sharing his production proven techniques and workflow and helps you fully understand the interface and terminology so that Substance Painter Shots 243 inspirational designs illustrations and graphic elements from the world s best designers. Marmoset Toolbag 2. My normal map appears as is baked from the low poly mesh. 8GHz quad core Intel Core i7 8MB shared L3 cache Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD 4850 with 512MB of Substance Naming. It is a game ready model of the M1 rifle used by the United States services during the thirties and sixties. Modeling and render in Blender 2. Okay so lemme explain it in easy way. Other software that I have used are 3ds Max and Photoshop. UZI made for CGMA Guns amp Props course. 02 Release Notes Modular environment created in UE4 using Maya Substance Painter Substance Designer and Procreate to create graffiti street art decals. Verts 10286. Texture Two 4k Texture. Temple Parrot Statue 3415 Tris Maya Zbrush Substance Painter TopoGun nbsp Infinity Gauntlet 4 352 tris. Each stroke applies all channels at once in real time with each map going up to 4K resolution. Awesome Inc. This plugin outputs Substance Painter files to Marmoset Toolbag 3. 75k tris amp 4096 opacity emissive 2048 opacity emissive. share. cherylynn gmail. August 31 at 1 25 AM TIE LN Starfighter model 30k Tris modelled in 3ds Max. Sculpted in Zbrush Textures in Substance painter rendered in Marmoset Toolbag. This horse is based on a sculpt I had worked on a while back and I am glad to finally being able to call it complete. Modeling Maya and Zbrush Baking Presentation Marmoset Toolbag Texturing Substance Painter Had a lot of fun texturing this in substance painter. 85. In this game I worked in a team of nine for 16 weeks modeling and texturing 3D assets. May 09 2016 Hi guys So I 39 m relatively new to SD but I 39 m really enjoying getting to grips with it. Here to show some non traditional methods that bunk the standard look dev workflows is Naughty Dog s Technical artist Christophe Desse. Cloth was done in Marvelous Designer. Insect queen is a personnal project my objective was to work on human modeling and make a realistic skin texture. Dec 14 2019 Using only quads somewhat worked for me until I started making some game props and kept hitting a weird issue. 0. I started off with a base mesh of the walls then took it to ZBrush and sculpted it super high poly then baked it to a mesh with 278 tris Then textured that in substance. It has about 9000 Tris and another low poly version has about 1900 Quads. Hot Network Questions How to reverse a string that contains complicated emojis Bond at 94 . The original concept was done by Lipatov from deviantArt. May 05 2015 Substance Painter 1. Cheers D. However the results are worlds apart from each other. 8 texturing in Substance Painter. Sunken Treasure Tri limit 10 000 tris UV tile single 4096x4096 tile Time 6 hours Texturing in Substance Painter. Traps. The SpeedTree model has around 9k tris on LOD0 and 4k on LOD2. Kraken. It was sculpted in Zbrush retopolody UVs and rigging were done in Maya baking and texturing in Substance Painter and finally Marmoset was used for rendering and presentation. I did it approx 2 5 High poly low poly LODs bake texturing. I went back and remodeled an old M1911 model that I made in 2018 using the skills that I have learned since. We manually added quite a few texture points we see a few examples on this screenshot such as Colour Roughness and Metalness. Is it a good idea to buy Medieval Armor. Author Topic Substance Painter and Tri planar Projection Read 14934 times kyle_12 On a smart material I have set all the available fill layers to Projection Tri Planar Projection in an effort to combat some UV seams. Just a material. Power is a turn based strategy game where you are tasked with managing a squad of three mechs and their resources. Traveler 39 s Shield from Zelda Breath of the Wild. Photoshop. High poly model made in ZBrush Low poly retopology in Maya and 3DS Max Textures created using Substance Painter Final Render in Unreal Engine. JL Mussi. 8 and Substance Painter techniques. 3D model made by Sergey Tyapkin Lead 3D Artist at 5518 Studios Their production period was between 1951 1957 Game ready 12. 9 962 tris 2X 2048x2048 PBR Textures Modelled and unwrapped in Blender. Power Glove 4 060 tris. Apr 23 2019 Even thought Substance Painter is set up to be as intuitive as possible and as simple as painting there are some tricky workflows. In Modo I have a UV map that looks ok but in Painter I get these large triangle things that messes things up. Total tris 1 942. Inspired by Horizon Zero Dawn game. Models based off Paul Tobin concept art . Polygonal QUADS ONLY no tris ngons 12794 vertices 12792 quad faces 25584 tris . 45 70 Lever Action Rifle. These are simple work in progress Substance Painter screenshots. Render done in Unreal Engine 4 Sculpted in Zbrush retopologized in Blender textured in Substance Painter rendered in Marmoset You can find more work on my site at https www. 3k tris with a 2048 texture set and his sword is 2. The whole scene comes in around 57k tris. Textured In Substance Painter . Very fun prop to work on I hope everyone gets all the sticker references About 40k tris and one 4k x 2k texture. Renders were created in Marmoset and Unreal. 11140 tris combined including decal geo. The final result is impressive and it is only at 7. 99 Visit the Store Page Low and highpolys modeled in Maya. For this upload i 39 m using 9000 tris version of model. Posted by Unknown at 8 38 PM No comments Substance Painter Apr 26 2016 Substance painter is a pretty amazing tool for traditional texture artists and technical artists alike. The model was created in Maya and maps were baked in Substance Painter and texture were created in Substance Painter too. I used some Paint marks on the wooden part to explore the wild nature of the person who used that. See more ideas about Substances Painter Smart materials. Michael Kendall. Gretels 6 barrel gun part of a bigger project creating Gretel herself Renders done with 1 4k map Gun polycount 10 670 tris Bullets polycount 384 tris Mid poly bullet 2 parts just for fun for showing off the carved phrase D Basemesh in Maya retopo 39 d uv 39 d and rigged in Blender detailed in Zbrush and textured in Substance Painter gonna add some renders out of UE4 aswell later on This is a game prop i created in 3Ds Max and for sculpting i used ZBrush. Here is one great render using Substance Painter with Blender. Everything was modeled in Maya and zBrush textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Marmoset. Textured and Rendered in Substance Painter. mech done in maya and textured in both quixel and substence painter. This is a personal project I have been dipping in and out of. fbx. I did all the baking inside Substance Painter. General presentation. Lowpoly model with PBR textures. com artwork PqNgL I loved all the small details and overall feel of this concept. See wha Modular Rock sculpted in Zbrush retopologized in 3DCoat and Maya high to low poly bake and pbr texture done in Substance Painter rendered in Marmoset. This character was sculpted in Zbrush retopo ed rigged and animated in Modo textures were made in Zbrush Substance Designer and Substance Painter. Maya. Baking a Normal Map in Substance Painter. I even get the same amount of lag if I work on 4 k or 1k. High Poly for trash bags done in ZBrush and retopologized in Maya. Travis Davids latest tutorial has a look at how you can place any logo on to any element using Substance Painter and Photoshop. Nov 20 2019 Hey guys Im really feeling the Substance Painter and been watching tutorials for the past couple of days. Tris count for the guitar is 7. Home Low 28160 tris. I understand that Unreal Engine does not make use of the height mapts as such and I 39 ve been told that I should convert my height maps to normals. Cloth simulated in Marvelous Designer. Available on CGTrader Turbosquid and Unity Asset Store. Bogdan 39 s artwork https Dec 03 2008 This 3d model of Electric Guitar is an exact copy of an existing 8 year old Electric Guitar with dust weathering effects breakage etc. Modeled in Zbrush retopologized in Maya textures in Mari and Substance Painter and render real time in Marmoset toolbag 3 LNER BR British Rail 2 6 2 A3 Flying Scotsman locomotive model Created within Maya Substance Painter Unreal Engine 4 and Marmoset Toolbag. Kraken 33k This is an old model that I recently decided to texture in Substance Painter. These are game ready models crate 3952 tris capsule_A 192 tris capsule_B 608 tris Gleason Chair Ottoman I have modeled in Maya 3D and Textured in Substance Painter 2. May 5 2015 5 43pm Tri planar projection on Generators I was curious if this is possible or will ever be Jan 01 2016 Hi thanks for the reply. We ll go over the modeling tools and techniques that you ll need to create a low poly vehicle in Blender 2. Overall Poly Tris counts of the weapon with the magazine and suppressor is 7 776 Polys and 17 655 Tris. A work in progress thought that was good enough to share. Paint in 3D in real time. x gt General gt Topic Details. Artwork by Nikie Monteleone The problem with not triangulating is that if your engine chooses to triangulate the mesh in a different way then substance painter the normals can get a bit wonky. The model is made in Maya textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Unreal Engine 4. com for any feedback and suggestions. Originally developed for the game and film industries where it is the reference solution for 3D texturing Substance is now expanding its presence to industries such as apparel and footwear retail transportation design product design and architecture. Shown is a render in Substance Painter Iray. I bult a textured highpoly first in XSI and extracted those extra details in Zbrush. Suitable for games in the style of strategy horror simulation adventure. Cinematic character based on a sketch by Cedric Peyravernay done for my creature class at Animum3D. Also triangulated models are better suited for loading to third party editors such as Substance Painter. 8. Low poly was modeled in Maya and it was baked and textured in Substance Painter. Done in 3ds Max Zbrush Substance Painter Substance Designer. Pick stroke material P P Enable the material picker tool. com I can build realistic or stylized scenes using a combination of Maya ZBrush 3D Coat xNormal Substance Designer Substance Painter dDo World Machine and Photoshop. Low poly made in Maya baked in Substance Painter 2 UV compacted in 3D Coat custom normals made in nDO textured in Substance Painter 2 rendered in 3DO. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3. Software used 3ds max Zbrush Photoshop substance painter Marmoset Website powered by. Share your videos with friends family and the world Modeled both low and high in 3DSMax textures in Substance Painter 17 5K tris and 4K textures. High and low poly models made in Maya and quot beaten up quot on ZBrush textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag. Uniform scale object scale applied in Blender 3D . 1050 tris 1024x1024 diffuse unlit. I created all the 2D art pieces in Procreate and together with a flexible Personal project done during my spare time. cherylynnlima. I am using the latest version of Substance Painter version 1. it 39 s a job for the school PBR textured 4k resolution in Substance painter This is made with 7600 tris Low and High poly in 3D max. One 2048 alpha and emissive map An antique barber chair. Textures done in Substance Painter and Quixel Suite. Excludes 2018. I found a corrugated metal smart material in the default Substance Painter Smart Materials however it does not have the vertical lines and height built into the material like this one did. Take for example if you want to stamp on decals or logos on to 3D objects. Clean and tidy geometry. High Poly Medieval Shield Modeled in AutoDesk Maya Textured using Substance Painter The asset is 15k tris and using one 2k texture. May 13 2014 Substance Painter Tutorial Documentation. Oct 02 2020 HGR1 is the only one that I have been working on in Substance Painter so far and it has the problem that I am trying to fix. Wood flooring material was made from a photo scan. Sep 14 2017 The more I get to grips with substance painter the more I love it. I used 3ds Max and Substance Painter to create the models and in the end achieved the gold medal. Hephaestus The Greek God forger blacksmith maker of weapons and technology. 1. Would you guys be interested in a quick tutorial using Substance PainterRead More My personal concept of Sniper Rifle 3D Game Ready model of weapon. Polygonal QUADS ONLY no tris ngons no poles 17262 vertices 17260 quad faces 34520 tris . Standard table 5 604 Tris. Middle Eastern Mech. It also has 4 n gons I just realized that wouldn 39 t be an issue on the actual models I 39 m working on. Total tris 39 826. Atop an aging shelf in weathered pots new life continues to grow. Main tools Modo Substance Painter 65000 tris and three 4096 4096 textures. Scupted in Mudbox modeled amp retopologized in Maya textured in Substance Painter. All assets in the scene are created by me. I would recommend doing the triangulation before texturing. 1 4k PBR material set. Modeled in Zbrush retopo in Maya textured in Substance Painter and Photoshop and rendered in nbsp Discover 300 Substance Painter designs on Dribbble. Obekisk 60tris Ancient Rod 800 tris Only textured Cat statue. 1 we have true tessellation based displacement in the viewport and in Iray as well. Materials and texturing are done with Substance Designer Substance Painter and Photoshop. UV Layout maps and Image Textures resolutions 2048x2048 PBR Textures made with Substance Painter. Jun 02 2020 The model I 39 m working with is a tad bit over 40K tris. Oct 02 2020 Here is a photo showing the original color. 2048x2048 resolution textures combining both the standard and projector tables onto one UV sheet. Combine Bakes. This is what I created using my latest Blender 2. Character still in progress currently working on texturing of low poly 32k tris version. 3866 tris Blender 2. plasters cement fabricated metal products and electrical electronic and optical equipment. It sits at 3K tris and one texture set with a turnaround rendered in Marmoset. 75k tris. Both this 39 box 39 and the pistol from before only show quads and no tris. Huge thanks to Donald and Hai Phan for giving me great feedback on the high poly sculpt Majority of the environment assets are required to be 1 500 tris or less. rina. Legolas Sword. 0 2018. Brandon Dec 08 2015 Hello I 39 ve recently started a new project on substance painter and I was suprised by the lag. The rest was textured in Substance Painter using the default materials from the program and some that I created previously in Substance Designer. g. Some weird artefacts kept appearing in my textures in different render engines such as Substance Painter compared to Blender. Modelled in 3DS Max and textured in Substance Painter. Wanted to make these to better familiarize myself with Substance Painter 2. I 39 ll read the intellectual nbsp Quads only geometries no tris ngons no poles. Decals and signage done in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. A general presentation of Substance Painter with new features is given in the following video 7664 tris . 077 tris complete asset by me Software Maya Substance Designer amp Painter Photoshop rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3 Ichigoichie 151A 13992 Tris. knife texturing and rendering process materials free https gum. Genestealer Warhammer Tris 4093 Texture size 4096 I created this cash box over the holidays. I sculpted the body in Zbrush did the armour in 3ds max and zbrush and used Topogun 2 for the first time for Retopology. I will be covering texturing with Substance Painter and how to achieve a cool look in Maya with the Arnold Renderer. Creates Nodes using the Principled BSDF shader. spp quot . 4k tris. Portfolio piece done at University of Central Florida FIEA. Curtains 700 tris. For this scene I wanted to highlight my 2D drawing skills and my 3D modeling skills. Remake of my first gun done in one day Modeling in Blender 2. Currently attending UCF 39 s Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy FIEA. It was modeled in Maya and textured in Painter. 22 109 tris. Invert grayscale tool X Invert the current grayscale value if the painting tool is on a mask. Character Podium environment Poly count Character 94 555 tris Terrain 18 414 tris 28 Jan 2019 If you have a good quad edge flow and then triangulate it it won 39 t break its quality to animate it. Texture set 2048x2048. Trashcan 400 tris. At the bottom is the low poly with the normal map baked from the high poly. Render was done in Marmoset Toolbag 3. The Gun textured in some rough style so that it looks like old and used through many environments. Pack include LP Meshe 7162 tris Normal Map Simple AO amp Complete Map separately for a complete AO map Curvature Map Color ID Map All done in 2048 Color maps are not included this is for free use only if you post work from this please credit link Sometimes you just have to go back and update some older work. I first made a basemesh in Maya to establish proportions then sculpted in ZBrush and baked in Xnormal. fbx file it always seems to import it with all the queds being triangulated even though i didn 39 t ask to triangulate it on creating the . The rest of the doors which are part of the larger hangar doors are just faces. This substance is used in the following areas formulation of mixtures and or re packaging scientific research and development and building amp construction work. Any tips on how to improve are highly appreciated 944 Tris. 7. Total texture sets I developed this Migration Era Sword during a study on historical weapons. to OBJ and FBX materials and textures made in Substance Painter exported for PBR V Ray Unity Unreal. AO Normal Bake in Marmoset Textures in Substance Painter UZI 16k tris Bullet Stock 3k tris A motorcycle for games inspired by the awesome classic Akira. Made in 3ds Max Textured in Substance Painter Baked and Rendered with Marmoset Toolbag. 1 day ago The class challenged me to try new techniques in both programs. Contains 5 textures of 2048x2048 Base Color Height Metallic NormalMap Roughness Features 3D model most similar to the real object. The project was done to help me practice baking texture maps. Asset Management Master Materials Vertex Texture of the model substance painter. All assets were created in Maya and textured in either Substance Painter or Photoshop. Home tris 3680 texture BPR 1024 1024 the whole scene tris 5979 File formats are 3dsMax 2013 3DS FBX OBJ. 22 506 tris with loaded magazine Two 2048 color normal metallic roughness and occlusion maps. Substance Painter is the industry standard for 3D texture creation especially for physically based rendering PBR . 1 comment. Model I made to study the Substance Painter Designer. He studied at the Indochina College of Fine Arts now the Ha Noi College of Fine Arts . Made with 3 Uv sets in 4k textures in sketchfav 1k textures N tris 113 283 tris in order to 64428 for the model 35. A hand painted diorama based on the concept by Catherine Unger. Made with Blender texture painted with Substance Painter. I added extra dust grease scratches in Painter as a final step. It will also show you how to take your materials from Substance Designer into Substance Painter and consequently exported into Unity where we will replace our floor textures Painted in Substance Painter. Each lantern is no more than 9k tris. Includes Bone Smart Material for Substance Painter 3 Meshes baked down optimized and sharing 1 texture Respectively 5794 tris 5960 tris 814 tris Game Assets Sword USD 6. This tool is very much still at an experimental stage. 3 Marmoset Toolbag 3 Game Assets Resources 3D Game Assets Props Weapons 3D models Weapons Melee Props Hard Surface Marmoset Maya Substance Painter ZBrush Japanese Shinto shrine guardian dog. Low polygon 15 800 tris C 5M Super Galaxy for Collins Aerospace formerly Rockwell Collins EP2 realtime system. Home. Jun 29 2018 Tris count from 1392 to 4400. fbx file out of 3ds max and then imported it into substance painter 2. Tris 13 777 One 2k Texture for Rifle and Mag Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3. Nov 20 2016 Hey So I have been learning substance painter and am currently attempting to export my textures to photoshop. Symmetry L L The Substance toolset is on its way to become an integral part of every film creation. However with this particular . 3D artist for the film and game industry. co Yhrvj Modeling Blender Texturing 4k SP Render Marmoset 2500k tris In case if people were wondering about my self lit texturing workflow in Substance Painter here s a walkthrough for the skin tones. Resume. The vines created in SpeedTree with Megascans textures are a mix of two species Devil 39 s Ivy Epipremnum aureum and Wax Plant Hoya carnosa . Low Poly w Tris Substance Painter PBR Workflow Material Development. 2 848 views2. Built in Presagis Creator exported to Rizom for unwrapping. 1 7k tris 1024x1024 PBR textures. Medieval Shield 1 Medieval Shield 2. Tris 3470 2048x2018 textures BaseColor Normal AO Roughness Metallic The Programs that I used for this project are Maya Zbrush Substance Painter and Photoshop. Created in 3dsmax textured using Substance Painter and Photoshop rendered in Marmoset. Modeled In 3Ds max . Configuring a Vehicle in Unity. Hammer 4. Is this the result of my UV setup nbsp In engine is my main question but also if anyone knows in substance painter as well First Pic has 16 more faces than second but has 8 nbsp 12 Apr 2019 Character polycount total is 60K tris. Their production period was between 1951 1957 Game ready 12. This tutorial will be a brief explanation of my texturing and shading workflow. You will find the controls inside the Shader Settings. Portfolio. The competition required me to model unwrap and texture a model models within a given time frame. I love aviation and had a great time working on this Especially the Boeing 777 series. Polycount is sitting at just under 30k tris Its a much heavier mesh than I usually shoot for but I really wanted to aim for a high detail display piece. At first I closed everything that I had opened unreal xnormal zbrush and photoshop Close Substance Painter. 3ds Max Substance Painter Marmoset Toolbag. Mainly inspired by The Witcher games and Vikings TV series. Jan 12 2017 With the latest release of Substance Painter 2019. 1 I 39 m not completely sure what my system specs are as my desktop is not currently available but I believe the specs are OS OS X Mavericks Processor 2. 1 2. 2017. A whole new section consisting of 12 new Substance Designer tutorials has been added to the Substance Painter course. props Maya 2018 and Substance Painter. It caught my eye due to the common use of Damascus Steel and the concept of a ring on the hilt that symbolized Chieftain status. I created the basemesh in 3ds max sculpted details in Zbrush retypoed and unwrapped back in Max and baked and textured in Substance Painter. 2 or higher to work. Final Presentation in Marmoset Toolbag. It is quite easy to use just choose your brush select a material tweak it if needed and then start painting. Chests. Integrating 3D models with photography Substance Painter 2017 Complex UV Okay so try as hard as I might I still end up with tris and multi ngons after hours of Oct 22 2011 GE9X Engine. When I came to the part where I had to use substance painter I got many issues. Would love if someone who has any experience with SP could answer the following 1. Autosave before export option. 8k tris and a 2k texture. High Poly around 420 mil Guardians of the galaxy fanart the character Baby groot. Specs Main Weapon is 28k tris and uses 4k texture sheet. 5. Thanks for checking out FACES 4223. Exports to export folder and opens Substance Painter. I created the animatable game res sections in 3D coat and anything that isn 39 t meant to be animated using decimation master in ZBrush. 4k map 15k tris. Specifically it looks like someone took a needle and thread and did some stitching along the edges. For assessing the risk of daily dermal exposure during painting works and nbsp Temple Parrot Statue 3415 Tris Maya Zbrush Substance Painter TopoGun. Short prop modeling project to practice sculpting statues. Maps range from 256 Ornate pool table done with ZBrush and Substance Painter. Finally I used Substance Painter and Photoshop to texture and Marmoset to render. Personal concept. Diffuse map 2048x2048. spp quot or quot collection . Awarded 39 Staff Pick 39 on Sketchfab Polycount March 2018 Recap The texturing process has now become a lot simpler because we chose Substance Painter and we have the opportunity to optimize all processes using procedural generators and smart materials. JeanJean a personal project to try substance workflow with octane what a blast MP5K done over the course of a week 26k tris all parts 1 Model available for download in lt Model 0x000000000d81c4e8 gt format Visit CGTrader and browse more than 500K 3D models including 3D print and real time assets 3D model PBR TV cabinet fm3d game ready available in OBJ FBX BLEND PDF ready for 3D animation and other 3D projects Model available for download in lt Model 0x00000000120bd990 gt format Visit CGTrader and browse more than 500K 3D models including 3D print and real time assets Substance Painter 2020 is an industry standard texturing tool used at top studios worldwide particularly when texturing game assets. From commercials to feature films and TV shows Substance tools and materials have already been used on two Academy Award winners for best special effects. Using programs like Substance Painter or Quixel Suite can be a quick and powerful way to create textures maps. The balconies on the First Skyscraper centre focus were modelled however came to 9K tris and as such the ironwork I ve been producing more recently on the left of the image is produced through a painted alpha map. Textured with Substance Painter 2 Different textures Yellow and Black PBR setup using standard shader with albedo metallic smoothness and normal maps. Horse and hair 15k tris with a 2k texture map. JeanJean a personal project to try substance workflow with octane what a blast MP5K done over the course of a week 26k tris all parts 1 Substance Painter. A few old rustic lanterns. 3280 Tris 2048 X 2048 Real time character 47k Tris 1x 4k texture set. For texturing i used substance painter. Around 26 k tris used as an exercise on hard surface and automotive modelling all modeled in Blender and Substance Painter for texturing. AO map May 27 2019 This artwork is a game ready asset with around 2200 tris modelled in Autodesk Maya amp textured in Photoshop amp Substance Painter. Latest asset for Cry of Athena VR battle simulator UE4 . Tunami. Roll Brush v1. 81 059 tris. The vases and the bamboo stand were created in 3DS Max and textured in Substance Painter. 839 Tris. This project was a great opportunity for me to deepen and rework my approach to character art and a great excuse to let my The M amp P R8 gun with tactical optic I made recently for another painter test. 76 879 Tris 2 sets of 4k textures. Tri was born in 1908 in Ha Tay now Ha Noi and died in 1993 in HCM City. The character is 8714 tris and the guns are 2208 tris each. 3d. Oct 02 2020 Substance Painter was added by jeremienoguer in Jun 2017 and the latest update was made in Oct 2019. Software Maya Zbrush Substance Painter Substance Designer and Marmoset Toolbag Project Length 7 days Polycount 27k Tris A low poly game ready Scifi Subway entrance with 77004 tris. This is a pack which contains 3D Models of Sci Fi Assets 1 openable crate amp 2 capsules . Unfortunately I could not bake my normals using Substance painter without weird issues this is something i need to look into. Feel free to email me at supa_alex_liu hotmail. All assets modeled in Maya. It was a project I had in the background for a long time and now I decided to finish it Modeled in Maya sculpt in ZBrush textured in Substance Painter Photoshop and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3. If you bake multiple export groups at the same time and the target objects of these groups share the first material in their material slots Combine Bakes will combine these to a single texture. Texture maps combined in Photoshop. It comes it 2 different finishes a This course from CG supervisor Charles Chorein of Dneg London dives into an introduction of Substance Designer and Painter with our cyber soldier head model. The Kraken was created as a boss encounter for Diluvion. I have created this low poly character for a professional gaming project. Normal Map 1024x1024. Expected result. I load up my low poly and inside the bake textures window I select my high poly and substance painter does the rest pretty much. High quality mesh Only Quads and Tris Ready May 05 2020 Here are finished textures from Substance Painter to V Ray Next. Tools Maya Zbrush Substance Painter Substance Designer. Air Traffic Control ATC Aircraft Modeling Plugins Scenery Weather Data Development 243770 tris Every pack This scene is a small city apartment I ve created in Unity 5 over a week and a half using 3ds MAX Substance Painter Substance Designer and Marvelous Designer. Sci Fi mess hall tables that are from a project idea that I was toying with. Done with Zbrush Maya Photoshop Xnormal and Substance painter. Tris 27 700 Soft used Zbrush Softimage XSI Substance painter Photoshop High poly created in ZBrush low poly in TopoGun UV 39 s and rigging in Maya baked and textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag. Then Textured in Substance Painter. Notes Jun 14 2020 alexrweinberg writes In this tutorial I will show you how to go from Substance Painter and importing those textures into Blender. 491 for the hair and 13. 3D PBR Painting Use a complete and familiar set of texturing tools PBR and particle painting brushes with opacity control Substance procedural effects smart materials and smart masks and fast baking. Below you can see the two animations and the high res sculpt. There are only 2 doors on that model that are inset. Modeled in Maya and Softimage all the textures were made in the Substance Painter and the final render in Marmoset Toolbag. The key to getting great results and quickly mostly comes down to the preparation of your model prior to commencing the texturing process in Substance Painter. Final render light setup and shader was all done inside of Unreal 4. The China Lake Model or China Lake pump action grenade launcher is a pump action grenade launcher that was developed by the Special Projects Division of the Naval Air Weapons Station NAWS which provided equipment to United States Navy SEALs. Texturing and baking was done in Substance Painter and knald. Turning this on will name the baked textures how Substance Painter expects them for automatic assignment. I take my model bake the textures and see that the normal map has errors along the corners. Tris vs quads in substance painter. In this course Wes McDermott takes a beginner 39 s look at Substance Painter 2019 walking you through a basic project texturing a real world game asset from start to finish. Here is the description of the process step by step for those who have not worked in Substance Painter yet. Tris 51 778 Truck one 4k texture Windows one 2k texture So I follow the fundamentals tutorials for substance painter and I get to the baking textures section. Ancient Phyrgian Boeotian Helmet 2130 tris PBR maps 2048 resolution. Substance Painter. renderd in unreal . Modeled sculpted in Maya and Mudbox. Today we started off by moving a texture from substance painter into Maya we did this by exporting each asset of the texture then manually adding them on through the file settings of the non textured shape. I 39 ve completed my Digital Gaming and Media AAS all the courses at FuturePoly and I 39 m currently looking to be part of a team as a 3D artist and help shape the industry. This subreddit is to discuss the Substance Suite by Adobe. Has about 9k Tris. Paint with a rolling effect inside Substance Painter similar to the 39 roll 39 modifier in Zbrush. 5k tris. 11 807 tris. theme. Authored in 3DS Max ZBrush Substance Painter Designer and Photoshop rendered in Marmoset. Please also check out my other tutorials. UV Map Layout. The animations a animated gifs so you might want to give them some time to load. Amazon Warrior for Cry of Athena VR battle simulator. I wanted to go for a lived in look so I ve modelled odd pieces of paper lying around cutlery in the sink for washing up and so on. Modelled in 3DSMAX and textured in Substance Feb 02 2020 Texturing in Substance Painter. High Poly Medieval Shield Modeled in AutoDesk Maya Textured using Substance Painter Verts 3980 Edges 7847 Faces 3878 Tris 7743 Uvs 5651 High Poly TwoHanded Medieval Style Sword Modeled in AutoDesk Maya Textured Configure texture and model a game vehicle in Blender 2. I have now started to find a workflow that I use. Buckets are Red Green Blue and mix in Black bucket. A few models I have been working on for an upcoming project of an Action RPG Game. It was modeling in Blender but Baking of Normal and AO in Substance Painter. Substance Painter is the reference texturing app for 3D professionals and enthusiasts. This weapon is based on the concept by Pavel Proskurin. Project made to improve my NextGen character skills learn PBR rendering and new softwares as Substance painter and Marvelous designer. 700 Triangles 1024 4096 textures . Fully rendered in Marmoset ToolBag 3. save. 000 Tris Each piece varied from 900 9000 Tris to form one intact section it was roughly 25 000 Tris It was modeled in Maya textured in Substance Painter and put into Unreal Engine 4 where it was displayed and lit. By the end of the course you will be able to prepare an asset in Maya export to Substance Designer pass everything to Substance Painter and then reconnect everything in Maya. Oct 3 2018 Explore Chris Arnold 39 s board quot Substance Painter 2018 quot followed by 679 people on Pinterest. spp quot or quot mesh . SAL FALAH PORTFOLIO Jan 05 2018 Substance Painter 3D Painting Software Substance Painter is a 3D painting software allowing you to texture render and share your work. It 39 s possible to update the information on Substance Painter or report it as discontinued duplicated or spam. Finally we can see exactly what the height or displacement values are doing. I decided to take the rifle Mosin Nagant because it is one of the most iconic rifles of military history. Two texture sheets gun amp accessories. Diorama of assets for an urban alley scene. Table set 20 000 tris. Baking inside of substance painter is so much better than in maya. Jul 17 2019 Another challenge has been creating the ironwork so key to the French Quarter. My original post Hi there AmmoPack Tris 3 000 Map 2k. 9k tris Sculpted in ZBrush Retopo in 3DCoat Textured in Substance Painter Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag Mar 27 2017 Substance Painter has been the talk for a while now an impressive software to create and bake textures on your models. 5424 Polys 9828 Tris Metal Rough PBR Texturing in Substance Painter Diffuse Map 1024x1024. The model itself has 19k tris and textures was all done in Substance Painter. 00. Garrison is 27. Detailed enough for Close Up renders. With this piece I wanted to do my own stylised realistic take on the Traveler 39 s Shield from Zelda Breath of the Wild. ZBrush. The asset is just under 10k tris not including the spraypaint rockets Video Game The Evil Within Fan Art Tris_73565 Software Used 3dsMax. 3. The mesh on the left use a triangulation identical to the one used by Substance Painter nbsp 8 Jul 2016 . It 39 s terribly frustrating. look dev in substance painter with zero Uv s or geometry PIrate chest I did for fun. Locomotive is made up of 2 main sections Loco and Tender Loco is made up of 6 Parts Boiler 4K Texture Chassis 4K Texture Drive wheels 2K Textures Running Gear 4K Texture Leading trailing Wheels 2K and Pipework 2K Texture Tender is made up Henry . I followed my instructor as he guided me. 08. Modelled in Zbrush Retopologized in Maya. Weapon is about 23k tris. Sphynx troops. Made in Blender and textured in Substance painter rendered in Marmoset TB3 20k tris with 3 texture sets. I hope you enjoy 4 maps Normal Gloss Albedo and Metalness 35K Tris The model is around 30k tris. 8K views. Sculpted in ZBrush with low poly done in Maya then textured in Substance Painter. Transport nbsp chloroethyl phosphate TCEP a substance chosen from the EU 2nd Priority List. Small side project I created while testing and tinkering with workflows between 3ds Max Substance Painter and Marmoset. The class explored new avenues of Substance Painter detailing how to really analyze reference images and create materials from scratch. Mine and his models have nearly same number of vertices tris faces on low and high poly models. This asset has the highest software RealityCapture. 31 0 Substance Painter for Beginners Tutorial. co m jkLg Projects files CLO 3D Marvelous Designer Substance Painter and Marmoset Toolbag 3 projects files FBX amp OBJ with UV 4K Textures. Check it on Artstation. There are 21 color schemes to choose from including the default color. It didn t make much sense to just have the walls buried in my hard drive so I went ahead and modeled and textured the rest of the shack and here we are D UV Layout maps and Image Textures resolutions 2048x2048 PBR Textures made with Substance Painter. All textures 4096 x 4096 Contains 11 animations attack x2 idle x2 roar x2 run x3 walk x2 Faces 10892. I Inspiring 3D Artist for games or films. In order to work in SP as far as I understand the model must be UV unwrapped I dont suppose one can jus Chenowth Dune buggy 22k tris 2048 Albedo Metal Rough Normal. GE9X Engines fitted to the new Boeing 777x planes Made In Maya Substance painter and Marmoset. Your resource to Transport Unity Low poly Around 5 6k tris substance painter 3d mobile. However it s important to note that these programs are specifically designed to output PBR based material maps which may not be supported by most production renderers such as V Ray or Mental Ray This is my hardsurface prop it is quite lowpoly around 2k tris and uses a texture map of 1x2k with PBR workflow for a more realistic look. 364 for the floor. Texturing in Substance Painter. Check the final result if you missed it 1 I start with a darker warmer skintone than what I am actually aiming for. Jun 01 2020 Texturing Substance painter render Marmoset Toolbag 3. I have created a high poly in Zbrush and Baked it in Maya. Low poly game asset 7314 verts 14370 tris. Make sure you have the node wrangler addon enabled in Blender. Feb 10 2018 A few models I have been working on for an upcoming project of an Action RPG Game. We will begin by modeling an Oshkosh M All Terrain Vehicle. I am always open for criticism as I have to learn a lot. May 20 2017 The Low poly should be game ready as it only uses 14k Tris which is a big reduction in poly count. 8 Substance Painter and Unity This website uses cookies and other tracking technology to analyse traffic personalise ads and learn how we can improve the experience for our visitors and customers. Tools Maya Substance Painter. Render in Keyshot and postproduction in photoshop. I tried to create as much detail with Normals as possible. Tris 19352 tris Texture Size Mar 21 2016 Substance Painter is an advanced 3D painting application. Distortion amp Delay Another substance painter study Follow me on Instagram. The list of alternatives was updated Oct 2020. Get your model done To get the model into Substance Painter you will need all the UV unwrapped the history deleted and the model Substance Painter is represented by the buckets since texturing is essentially overlaying color and all other magical trickery such as NM AO roughness etc. MP5K done over the course of a week 26k tris all parts Art Showcase. Modelled in Maya textured in Substance Painter rendered in Marmoset Toolbag. Here 39 s my FBX geometry settings. Texturing in Substance Painter too. DIESELPUNK HOVERBIKE Original concept by LIPATOV from deviantArt. Eghosa Osayamwen Tris count 3 204. Substance Painter. From AAA Game Developers to Indies from Feature Animation to Visual Effects studios the industry uses Substance Painter to bring their creations to life thanks to its unparalleled speed flexibility and visual 149. Creates SPP Project File quot filename . I was going for a cyberpunk samurai ish feeling hence the prosthetic legs the glowing parts and the futuristic version of a bamboo hat. Textures from 1k to 2k. com artwork XGKz3 This character was a bit of a challenge for me first time doing a not human character as a full project. 6k tris with a 2048 texture set 30k total. It is not a smart material. 10k Tris 4K Material Albedo Normal Hi everyone I 39 m really excited to share a new prop I created for a little side project I ve got in the works. Bakes done in Maya Substance Painter and xNormal. 2 channel 5v arduino relay board grabcad 3d model of the sunfounder 2 channel 5v relay shield module for arduino. 0 See usage notes below Passes textures folder from preferences to Substance Painter. Baked and textured in Substance Painter 2 Marmoset Toolbag 3. Polygonal QUADS ONLY no tris ngons 4714 vertices 4708 quad faces 9416 tris . Bed 2000 tris Pillows 500 tris. Jun 28 2017 Found this semi futuristic looking AR 15 and thought it would make an interesting project to learn Substance Painter. Other views. Decrease tool size Decrease the size of the brush for the painting tool. Marmoset Toolbag2. I fixed it by doing Normals gt Unlock normals softened all edges then ran a script I have which turns all UV borders into hard edges you could do this manually I just wanted to quickly make sure vert normals were being preserved correctly . These are the game assets i created whilst competing in the WorldSkills UK Final 2018 for 3D Digital Game Art. Here is a final render of the Cessna with some lovely HDRI in the background which I created. I 39 m using the most recent version of Painter as of typing this post. You can export a custom preset file the output mesh and all textures from Painter at the click of a button and it will immediately load the content in Toolbag 3. Nov 25 2015 The exhibition also includes the painter s tools brushes and clothes worn while painting all borrowed from his family. This is a game res model coming in at about 30 000 tris. Projector Table 8 498 Tris. Get started with Substance Painter. The model has 2 texture packs. TRIS 8442 Aug 03 2020 Final Textures in Substance Painter 2K Zbrush Baked Normals Wireframe TRIS 10 952 . 000. Highpoly nbsp 18 Apr 2019 3ds Max Tris to Quads tutorial. Classic Fairlady Z Nissan S30 Datsun 240Z 1970 1973. The way I have been doing it is simply by adding a Normal node to my height map and plugging it in to the Hey everyone I exported a pistol as an . No more than 100k tris per model is recommended. I think internally all game engines triangulate nbsp 3 Apr 2017 Hi I have my low and high res mesh. Powered by Blogger. Substance by Adobe is a complete suite with everything artists need to create 3D digital materials. 607 and the amp is about 5. Hiya there Roblox folks Today i made my first low poly sword via blender and substance painter. com You can email me at any time at lima. with only a few hundred tris at most. All color schemes offer a stealth bonus reduces detection from moving but it varies depending on which one Low Poly model for MMO quot The Skies quot PBR workflow Unity 5 metal 92 92 smoothness Polycount Rifle 4020 tris Scope 2100 Texture 2k Soft Maya Zbrush xNormal Substance Painter 31 840 Tris 2 x 4k Textures Using albedo normal AO roughness metalness and emissive maps. Desk Lamp 300 tris. Apr 18 2019. High poly done from scratch in Zbrush retopo 39 d uv 39 d and rigged in Blender finally textured in Substance Painter Screenshots taken in Unreal Engine 4 and Marmoset had way too much fun playing with emissive lighting Stylized amp amp cartoon Rifle LowPoly 3D game model. It was modeled completely in Maya and textured in Substance Painter. Apr 26 2020 Substance Painter is in my opinion is the best tools for texturing 3d models particularly in a PBR workflow. This substance is used for the manufacture of chemicals metals mineral products e. In order for the assets to look like they were made of clay there was a huge focus on irregular proportions and deformations. Increase tool size Increase the size of the brush for the painting tool. Used as a prop in my Sci Fi Power Station environment. I hope you enjoy Concept by Fernando Correa Sep 20 2020 Steampunk flying ship . It includes the design of a pig on top of it to celebrate the year of the pig. It weighs 14k tris and is on 3 x 2048 texture sheets. Real world dimensions scene scale units cm in Blender 3D that is Metric with 0. I hope you found this tutorial useful. Crystal encrusted low poly sword hand painted. 7 8. 9 Tris PBR 2K texture Modeling Zbrush Texturing Substance painter 2017 Generator Sci fi 2869 Tris PBR 2K texture Modeling Maya 2016 Texturing Substance painter 2 Sketchfab Wall Sci fi 1411 Tris Pbr texturing 2K Modeling Maya 2016 Texturing Substance painter 2 Sketchfab Helmet medieval duress 3 Hours 810 Tris Personal project. High Detailed 3D model of American Mobile Power Hydraulic Tank 7 Gallon. When you click the sp2mar button again it will re export the textures. Substance Painter 2018. Details Glove tris verts count 3786 verts 6067 tris Watch tris verts count 1176 verts 1168 tris Glove texture 4k Watch texture 2k Japanese Shinto shrine guardian dog. Requires Substance Painter 2019. Sculpted in ZBrush modeled in Maya textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag. I was also going for a naturally melancholy look when sculpting the face. world blocks. Store. artstation. Likewise the mesh will not be as detailed as the high this is why the details will be baked onto the low poly. The textures were created in Substance Painter using a mix of Masks and Smart Materials. 5 May 2016 since fbx export from maya doesn 39 t give me any tris and i am pretty sure sketchfab won 39 t change quads into tris substance painter exporter nbsp 21 May 2019 As an until now causal 3D user I had no idea that tris were hiding underneath and only heard the noise of quot quads are everything quot . Substance Painter has smart materials smart masks and integrated bakers and a state of the art real time viewport. It imports into Substance Painter properly after that. This is the game resolution model coming in at about 30k tris. Nothing seemed to fix it even after hours adjusting topology and re texturing. The model is coming in at 14 868 verts 28 478 tris and all textures are 2048x2048. Low Programs used Maya Substance Painter 2 Unreal Engine 4 Milan Launcher rendered in UE4 Materials photographed created and painted by me in Substance Referenced from military images 19 716 tris Some practice and experimentation with character. I used Substance Designer mainly for the bricks vegetations and ground texture. https www. Textures done with Substance Painter 2 and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2. Posted by Unknown at 8 38 PM No comments Substance Painter Jan 17 2020 Hiya there Roblox folks Today i made my first low poly sword via blender and substance painter. Bullet 150 tris Textures in Substance Painter Zbrush Modified in Photoshop. Please feel free to share this tutorial in social media. Painter doesn 39 t seem to shows me the version number in the software window. Created in 3dsmax textured using Substance Painter and rendered in Marmoset. Find user guide tutorials answers to common questions and help from the community forum. This section will teach you how to use Designer. China Lake Polys 7 526 Tris 14 306 40mm Grenade Polys Feb 17 2018 All meshes and textures have been made by me in Blender and Substance Painter 2. Restroom door 200 tris Bedroom Door 200 tris Elevator Door 200 tris. No scans were used. 9k tris Sculpted in ZBrush Retopo in 3DCoat Textured in Substance Painter Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag Jun 01 2020 Lloyd 39 s dagger was created for my Props and Weapons for Games class midterm at Gnomon taught by Chris Stone. substance painter tris


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