Freelancing while your are traveling or living abroad

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To work as you travel is the dream of almost everyone.

We all love the freedom that comes with working online. It is one of the best ways to make money while ‘on the road’.

It is also increasingly one of the fastest ways of making money in life, to the point where people have turned it into a career choice.

So today, working online overseas has become a very popular trend, which can be expected to grow with the passage of time.

Given in the list below are some advantages of working online, while traveling or living abroad.

1.) The Opportunity to Travel the world

The chance to see the world is everyone’s dream.

But not many people are able to accomplish it. This is primarily because of two reasons, namely, job restrictions and financial restrictions. In other words, jobs that allow you to travel are rather rare to come across.

It is simply not possible work as you travel, when you are required to restrict your location to a single place. In other words, you cannot travel long term, or for that matter even short term, if you are be in the same place of work, day in and day out.

Likewise, there is also the issue of financial restrictions for traveling about. It is not easy to travel from one place to the other. Given the cost of transportation, food, stay, etc, it is just not feasible to travel about around the world and remain financially stable.

Both of these issues are solved when you work as you travel. The job itself gives you the financial means to move about. At the same time, the mobility factor of working online overseas allows you to travel wherever you want, without being limited to a single location.

2.) The Chance to Meet New People

Most people are restricted in terms of the people they can meet.

Since they are geographically restricted to a few places their entire lives, they never really move much, and as a result never get to meet new people.

What this means is that meeting new people, whether from your own country or beyond, is just not possible. It is simply not possible to meet others, when you are geographically restricted.

The ability to work as you travel provides you with geographical mobility, which means that you’ll be able to meet more people than you ever could by working in a single location. Working online overseas is one of the best ways to achieve this goal.

3.) Interesting Experiences

Another advantage of working online while living abroad, are the many experiences that life has to offer.

There are plenty of amazing things that life has to offer. But one can only get these things by leaving their current geographical location and moving to another one.

The ability to work as you travel allows you to do this, almost every single day of the year.

In this regard, jobs that allow you to travel are simply amazing and wonderful.

4.) New Learning Opportunities

There is more to life than just the experiences and fun.

There are also learning experiences, which would not have been possible by living in the same location every day.

Moving about from place to place gives you the ability to learn new things; many of which you could never have come across if you stayed in the exact same place.

In simple words, working online overseas can be described as one of the best ways to learn new things.

5.) Escape from the Cubicle Life

Not many people like their cubicles.

About the only reason they work there, other than a social life, is the guarantee of a steady paycheck.

But beyond these advantages, most people would love to not submit to a job, but rather work on something they like and more importantly, travel the world.

The chance to work as you travel allows you to escape the cubicle life and let you experience the world like never before. Given that you no longer have to report to an office, you will be able to work as you travel, whether it is a beach, a mountain top or even Antarctica.

6.) A Sense of Freedom

Almost all employees will understand this point.

There is a certain lack of ‘freedom’ that comes with working in the same location, for a very long time.

Being forced to work in the same place for a long period of time, makes you feel rather ‘stuck’ in life, in one way or another. Since you are unable to travel about, you feel like you have no choice but to stay chained to wherever you are based in.

Online jobs give you the freedom to work as you travel, as opposed to the feeling that you are ‘stuck’ to wherever you are based in. Working online overseas will help you to attain a sense of freedom that you never knew existed before.

In this regard, jobs that allow you to travel are very helpful to almost anyone who is interested.

As much as the idea that you can work as you travel sounds amazing, there are some considerations.

These issues must be taken care of, if you are to enjoy the experience of working online, rather than at a job.

Some of the main issues to consider are given below:

1.) Work Permit Issues

One of the most important issues that you’ll need to deal with is that of visa issues.

Although the internet age has already arrived, the laws are still lacking in its ability to provide for these changes.

This means that you will have to do some research before you decide to start working online overseas. It is because legally, you’ll be ‘working’ in that country, rather than roaming about as a ‘tourist’.

Here a rough summary of this issue. You cannot legally go to a country as a ‘tourist’, and ‘work’ there, because that’s not exactly the terms and conditions of your visa.

In this regard, it is a good idea to check about jobs that allow you to travel, with an immigration expert about this.

2.) Infrastructure Constraints

Not all countries have the right kind of infrastructure.

On the contrary, they may not even have basic mobile connectivity, let alone the internet.

Therefore, you might want to check before hand, if the location you’re going to supports your dream of working online overseas.

In other words, if you plan to work as you travel, you will need to ensure that the country has the necessary infrastructure as well.

3.) Taxation Issues

Another issue regarding the whole work as you travel thing, is that you will need to check up is with regard to taxation.

The money you make isn’t ‘tax-free’. On the contrary, you will still have to pay a certain amount as tax, before enjoying it all.

What this means is that you will need to check with a tax expert regarding the taxation laws. If you don’t handle this issue, you might just end up paying taxes twice; the first time to the country you are working in and the second time to your home country.

In all, to work as you travel is an excellent experience in life.

Jobs that allow you to travel is one of the best ways to earn money, while at the same time traveling the world and enjoying all that it has to offer.

The whole thing will take a certain amount of work to get started, but everything after that will be worth the effort.


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