What types of job can be done online?

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If there is one thing people want to know about online jobs, it is the nature of the jobs.

What is it that you can work on from home or elsewhere?

This is a good question to ask, and for good reason.

Most people are accustomed to the idea that you have to go to an office to get things done.

But the reality is actually very different. The reality is that there are a wide range of jobs that you can work on when you take up online jobs, such as those offered by Keyboardwork.

So when it comes to the question of,

What types of job can be done online?”

The answer is very simple. They are more or less the same kind of jobs that you would have got if you worked at your office. You see, the average online job by Keyboardwork for example, is the same job that you would have done if you were at your desk.

In other words, it’s not the job that has changed. It is merely the way that you work that has changed. Thanks to the power of internet that allows for rapid data transmission, you can work on almost any job that can be done at a desk, whether it is digital graphics, music, translations, etc.

The only difference this time is that your job can be at your home or elsewhere, rather than the desk in your office.

The types of jobs that are currently being offered to people are mentioned in brief, in the below list:

1.) Copywriting

This is one of the most common types of online jobs by companies like Keyboardwork.

Copywriting refers to any and all types of content writing work. This includes among other things, articles, blog posts, promotional material, product descriptions, brochure/pamphlet subject matter, etc.

It can also include other writing work such as editing prewritten content, translations, etc.

With regard to translations, (such as English to Spanish / English to french/ English to Japanese), there is enormous potential, given the ‘global’ nature of the economy.

2.) Data Entry

In addition to copywriting work such as content writing and translations, there is a great deal of data entry work available. Data entry refers to the summarization of vast amounts of data into understandable formats.

The data entry work can be sourced from small businesses to massive companies. This is because there is an immense amount of data crunching to be done by companies everywhere.

The nature of the data entry work is varied, ranging from basic customer details to assorted numerical variables.

3.) Graphics Design

The world we live in is increasingly digital and heavily reliant on graphics.

As a result of this, there is a great deal of demand from graphics designing work across the board. This includes everything from small logos to massive advertising hoardings by marketing companies.

There are also other related works such as photo editing, retouching, etc as well that come under the subject of graphics design. Work such as translations may also be included, in the case of hoardings or other graphics work, where multiple languages may be needed.

These projects and others like it are available in plenty, from online job companies such as Keyboardwork.

This is also related to the work done by a web / software developer, as modern websites carry with them a great deal of graphics.

Also to note here is that content writing is related to graphics design, given that there is no point in graphics a lot of times, if there is no content to go with it. Some examples of this are pamphlets and brochures.

4.) Video Design

In addition to graphics design and copywriting work such as translations, there is also work in video editing.

Whether YouTube videos or television advertisements, there is an enormous amount of video designing required by the marketing industry.

In addition to this, there is also other video work that needs to be done as well, such as video compilation, restoration, etc.

There is a certain amount of content writing and graphics work involved as well, in cases that require informational videos such as promotional material.

5.) Web Design

Since the internet began in the late 1990s, there has been an enormous growth in the web design industry.

The nature of web design can vary; ranging from simple web editing to the designing of whole websites. A web / software Developer can look forward to plenty of contracts from the company, as there is much demand for internet related services.

But that’s just the beginning of the work involved in running a website. There are a lot of other such activities involved such as web interface designs, web applications design, video streaming design, etc.

Some of the work can also involve translations as well, as a lot of websites offer their content in multiple languages.

Companies like Keyboardwork may offer work related to web designing, in one form or another.

6.) Research & Planning

Companies large and small require a great deal of research to run their businesses.

Among such research are things like surveys, market research, product data research, demand study, price study, market conditions research, business environment research, etc. All of these are very important for companies if they are to make a profit.

And then there is the issue of planning. Planning here refers to the implementation of the inferences of the research discussed in the previous paragraphs. Many companies will outsource their business strategy planning to competent entities for maximum effectiveness and success.

This again comes with the demand for content writing, as the final reports will have to be compiled in an understandable manner.

If you are searching for suitable jobs in this field, Keyboardwork could help you out.

7.) Data Processing

This is similar to translations, where content is translated from one language to another. Data entry involves the compilation of vast amounts of data from various sources.

But that’s just the beginning of the story. There is also the requirement for the data to be processed as well. Raw data is useless unless it can be used to get information about a subject.

This is where data processing comes into the picture.

8.) Music Composition

In addition to graphics and video, there is the field of music as well.

The kind of music required can range from simple jingles to entire tunes. It would of course depend on the nature of the project; whether it’s for a YouTube video, advertisement, promotional video, etc.

9.) Voiceovers

Have you ever called customer service anytime?

If you have, you will remember how the automated machine often gives you information on what must be done. This is called a ‘voice over’.

When companies have the need to create interfaces such as the ones in kiosks, automated machines, etc, they will require some amount of voiceover work to be done. This is to allow for the machine to ‘speak’ to the customer, in one way or another.

This is also a place where translations may be required, especially in places where multiple languages are in use.

10.) Legal Services

As much as legal services are something new to this field, it is no different than any other online job.

Given that it requires some amount of expertise in the field, the work is largely limited to lawyers and a few other professions such as Chartered Accountants or Cost Accountants. In simple words, the legal advice can be given only by those who are certified to provide it.

While a great deal of work will require direct interaction between the client and you, some of them can be done remotely if you are qualified. Among them are things like the verification of legal documents, clarification of legal doubts, general advice on legal matters, etc.

This could be considered content writing as well, given that there is a great deal of subject matter waiting to be documented.

11.) Accounting & Financial Services

There is a great deal of accounting work that needs to be done by companies.

The work will range from the analysis of cash flows to the compilation of balance sheets.

While some of the work can be done by anyone who has background knowledge about accounting, others will have to be done by people who have specialized knowledge in the field such as Chartered Accountants or Cost Accountants.

12.) Customer Support

This is one of the newer forms of online jobs that are emerging.

It requires people to work as customer service, much the same way that people work at a regular contact center.

The exact nature of the work will vary. Some may require you to just have an email account, while others need you to be on call and ready for customers to call you up.

Customer service jobs are quite popular, given that customers will always have queries about the product or service being provided.

13.) Software Designing

Another emerging field is that of software designing.

It is no longer true that you have to work at a company to design software. There are many people who take up software projects and working remotely, often as freelancers.

This will again require one to have specialized knowledge in the field, with working knowledge about programming languages such as Java, C++, C#, Python, Ruby, etc.

The work here is to a certain extent done by a web / software developer as well, if it has to do with the programming of web applications, etc.

14.) Marketing

This is one of the hottest fields when it comes to online jobs.

Marketing is required by all companies, as it helps consumers to become familiar with a brand or service. This is where online jobs come in.

Among the kinds of jobs this includes are advertisement posting, link sharing, SEO, etc.

SEO is especially popular. SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and is required by all websites, in order to get discovered by serach engines such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Some amount of content writing will be required here, as marketing requires the marketer to properly convey the advertising in the most effective way possible.

15.) Miscellaneous Services

There are many other such services in existence as well by companies like Keyboardwork.

These are more varied in nature, often on a customized basis.

The exact nature of the service depends on the nature of the work involved, and the company issuing the work.

In all, the point to remember is that the types of jobs, ranging from content writing to customer service, are currently offered online are the same kind of jobs that are being done at the office desk.

They are no different in nature. The only real difference is that the work offered by companies like Keyboardwork, is now being done from a desk away from the workplace and nothing more.

It’s not the job that has changed, but rather how it was done.

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